“I highly recommend Lisa Carelli-Lang. Leading up to the ARD, she really took the time to hear all our concerns, carefully look through all our documents and communication with the school, and come up with a game plan. She supported us every step of the way in preparing for the ARD and helping us request 504 support for our daughter until an IEE can be completed.

In the ARD meeting, Lisa was a consummate professional. She was kind and respectful, but firm. With Lisa’s help, we were able to keep the tone of the meeting very positive. She was able to help us highlight all the supports the school currently has in place for my daughter and point out the need to have those supports formalized so that all her teachers will know how to help her be successful in their classrooms in the future. When the meeting ended, the principal shook her hand and thanked her for her professionalism, which was very important to me because I am employed by the district where my daughter attends, and because I really feel it is important to maintain a good working relationship with my child’s school.

I can’t say enough about Lisa. I am so happy with our choice to hire her as our advocate and, as I stated above, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with an advocate for their child.”

A Temple ISD Mom

“T is doing an amazing job. He started the next day in the dyslexia class and when I say within a weeks time, I can already notice he is feeling better about himself, recognizing more sight words, and not as frustrated with homework. I can't thank you enough. I really believe by coming to the ARD, it helped set the tone, and the school knows you meant business.”

A Houston ISD Charter School Mom

"I can't say enough good things about the prep work and formal meetings Lisa has done for my daughter's ARD/IEP. Her wealth of experience working inside and out of the public school systems gives us a boost of confidence as we strive to get our special child, the necessary services needed to succeed. 

Lisa is the pinnacle standard for the type of quality advocate that every special needs family should seek because her polished soft people skills put everyone at ease. That's so important in these ARD situations because emotions are high on both sides of the table. Lisa displays patience with everyone and that's a rare skill.

Lisa is both professional and personal in dealing with my family who have been plagued with extra life stressors.

Also Lisa has educated us about our rights, she responds to all of our questions and she has made herself readily available to us. Post IEP Lisa has given additional time to my family to ensure that we are receiving the services granted in our ARD/IEP." 

An Aldine ISD Mom

"(My son's) school found out today that I don't play, and I fight for my son, when it comes to him. Lisa and I had 12 school district officials in a 7 hour meeting today, because the school district denied accepting (My son's) doctor's autism diagnosis. We requested to continue the meeting next week because we aren't finish fighting the school district's decision."

A Houston ISD Mom

"I am further impressed by her intake of information, organizational skills, working with other professionals and her ability to positively work with last minute changes. I am further impressed by her patience and ability to help me understand the ARD process and terminology to communicate my son's needs as they change. Mrs. Carelli-Lang has true gifts, she not only crafted a better program for my son but she effortlessly engaged and openly appreciated my son."

A Houston ISD Dad

I have been meaning to thank you for such a powerful support performance at the last ARD/IEP meeting.  Prior to the meeting I have been stressing a bit regarding seeking assistance for (my daughter).  I just want to personally express my gratitude and appreciation to you.

I've been praying to the Blessed Mother for guidance and help.  You are definitely a God sent. Thank you again.  May the Blessed Mother protect you and surround you with the Mantle of Love.”

A Trinity ISD Dad

These people care about your child and bend over backwards to fight for your precious child’s life. They were our best decision concerning the needs of our children. A very special thank you goes to Lisa Carelli-Lang and Patricia Freeze.